AutismDTgh brings together parents, carers, professionals and other stakeholders to research ways in which Digital Technology impacts Autism Spectrum Disorder/ Conditions and uses dialogue to explore how research can improve policy making and conditions in Ghana and across Africa.



We have held an annual event and exhibition in Ghana since 2018 to move this agenda forward.

Locally, AutismDTgh has arranged for professionals in the autism and digital technology sector to create awareness through various media such as television, radio, social media and newsprint.


We support a mentorship programme for SHS graduates. It is a way in which we can promote knowledge and change in perspectives about this neurodevelopmental disorder/ condition, its awareness and acceptance.

AutismDTgh also facilitates a forum for university students to disseminate their research through poster representations and presentations at the annual events.

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Additionally, we facilitate collaboration between researchers across nations which should inform policy and practice.

In collaboration with Uniiq FM 95.7FM, we held a monthly radio programme on the last Monday of the month (July-December 2019) at 8am – 9am.

Uniiq FM and AutismDTgh